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ACT in the News

12/19/2012      2013 Smart Guide: Revolutionary Human Stem Cell Trial - New Scientist

12/13/2012      Stem Cell Trial Without Embryo Destruction - Wall Street Journal

9/28/2012      The great stem cell dilemma - FORTUNE

9/14/2012      The Company That Can Generate Medical Treatments From Embryonic Stem Cells Without P***ing Anyone Off - Fast Company

6/7/2012      Stem cell scientists take hope from first human trials but see long road ahead - The Guardian (UK)

1/25/2012      Eye Study Is a Small but Crucial Advance for Stem-Cell Therapy - Technology Review

1/25/2012      Blindness Eased by Historic Stem Cell Treatment - New Scientist

1/24/2012      Early Success in a Human Embryonic Stem Cell Trial to Treat Blindness - TIME

1/24/2012      Embryonic stem cells: can we make the blind see? -

1/23/2012      Advanced Cell Technology reports positive early results from embryonic stem cell trial - Boston Globe

1/23/2012      Therapy based on embryonic stem cells improved patients' vision - Los Angeles Times

1/23/2012      Stem Cell Treatment for Eye Diseases Shows Promise - New York Times

1/23/2012      Giving sight to macular degeneration patients - CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

1/23/2012      Embryonic stem cells improve sight of legally blind women - CNN

1/23/2012      2 legally blind patients gain some vision improvement after experimental stem cell treatment - Associated Press

1/13/2012      Stem-cell research: Never say die - Nature

9/22/2011      First trial of embryonic stem cell treatment in Europe gets green light - The Guardian (UK)

9/22/2011      Europe's first human embryonic stem cell trial approved - AFP

9/22/2011      First embryonic stem cell trial approved outside the US -

9/22/2011      Trial begins into stem cell treatment for sight loss - The Telegraph (UK)

9/22/2011      UK medics lead Europe's first embryonic stem cell trial - BBC

9/22/2011      Stem cell trial offers hope to blind - Financial Times

9/22/2011      First European Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Gets Green Light - TIME

9/22/2011      U.S. firm wins UK embryonic stem cell trial go-ahead - Reuters

7/14/2011      Firm launches two stem cell trials against blindness -

7/14/2011      First patients treated in new human embryonic stem cell study - The Washington Post

7/14/2011      Two Patients Undergo Stem-Cell Blindness Treatment - Technology Review

7/14/2011      The First Trial of an Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment for Blindness Begins in California - Popular Science

6/27/2011      The Tiniest Transplant - TIME Magazine

6/16/2011      Groundbreaking eye disease treatment trials to begin -

6/16/2011      First patients picked for stem cell vision trials - Reuters

6/16/2011      First patients picked for second human embryonic stem cell study - The Washington Post

5/15/2011      Saving Sight, Testing Faith - Newsweek

4/6/2011      Growing Eyeballs - Technology Review

3/31/2011      ANALYSIS-Imperfections mar hopes for reprogrammed stem cells - Reuters

3/14/2011      Hidden toll of embryo ethics war -

1/12/2011      Stem cell breakthrough could end shortage of vital blood cells - The Independent (UK)

1/11/2011      Stem cells could provide unlimited platelet supply, study says - Los Angeles Times

1/7/2011      Patients Facing Blindness to Test Therapy with Stem Cells - Technology Review Online

1/4/2011      Embryonic stem cell trial to test macular degeneration treatment - USA Today

1/4/2011      US Approves new trial of embryonic stem cells on blindness - The Independent (UK)

1/3/2011      ACT Will Test Stem Cell Therapy for Vision
Bloomberg TV - Bloomberg TV

1/3/2011      FDA approves second Advanced Cell stem cell trial - Reuters

1/2/2011      Could stem cells help this boy to see? - New York Post

12/3/2010      Could early stem cell trials cure blindness? - FT Magazine

11/22/2010      FDA approves second human embryonic stem cell trial - CNN

11/22/2010      Stem Cell Trial Offers Hope for Vision Patients - Reuters

11/22/2010      FDA Approves Second Trial of Stem-Cell Therapy - TIME

11/22/2010      Second human embryonic stem cell trial cleared by FDA - Scientific American

11/22/2010      Feds OK 2nd human study of embryonic stem cells - AP

11/22/2010      Human trials to start for stem cell treatment for blindness - BBC

11/22/2010      US starts human blindness trial using stem cells - AFP

11/22/2010      New embryonic stem cell experiment - Washington Post

11/22/2010      Second human embryonic stem cell clinical trial to start - USA Today

10/11/2010      First patient treated in Geron stem cell trial - Reuters

10/11/2010      Geron Initiates Clinical Trial of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Based Therapy in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury - Bloomberg

10/11/2010      First patient treated in stem cell study - Washington Post

10/11/2010      Geron tests stem cell treatment on patient - Associated Press

8/30/2010      First tests for stem cell therapy are near - Washington Post - Page A1

8/26/2010      Biotech to Court: Whatever - Boston Business Journal

8/25/2010      Area firm's techniques don't destroy embryos - Worcester Telegram-Gazette

8/25/2010      Scientists outraged by block on stem cell research - ABC News online

8/25/2010      Effect on stem cell ruling on companies unclear - Reuters

8/25/2010      Court's Stem Cell Ruling Casts Dark Cloud on Research Future - BioWorld

8/24/2010      Obama to appeal stem cell research ruling - AFP

8/24/2010      Shares of Stem-Cell Companies Down After Court Ruling - AOL's

8/2/2010      FDA Lifts Hold on Geron Stem Cell Trial, Shares Leap - BioWorld

7/31/2010      Geron Says FDA Lifts Hold on Stem Cell Trial - Associated Press

7/30/2010      Geron Given FDA Go-Ahead for Stem Cells Trial - Financial Times

7/30/2010      You're on Geron, says FDA -

7/30/2010      Stem Cell Trial Wins Approval of F.D.A. - New York Times

7/30/2010      Geron Cleared by U.S. Regulators to Test Embryonic Stem-Cell Treatment - Bloomberg

7/30/2010      FDA Lets Human Embryonic Stem Cells Trials Resume - Technology Review Online

7/30/2010      Embryonic Stem Cells Cleared for Pilot Tests in Paralyzed Patients - USA Today

4/12/2010      Biotech In A Blink - Nature Biotechnology

4/9/2010      State Stem Cell Agency to Fund Clinical Trials - Nature Medicine

3/5/2010      Reprogrammed Cells Come Up Short, for Now - SCIENCE Magazine

3/3/2010      Stem cells approved to treat 'orphan' disease - USA Today

3/3/2010      Embryonic Stem Cells: Hopes for Turning Darkness into Light - Science Progress

3/2/2010      A human embryonic stem-cell therapy moves forward -

2/23/2010      US menu of eligible stem cells set to lengthen - New Scientist, issue #2749

2/22/2010      NIH may allow stem-cell lines from younger embryos - Nature

2/19/2010      NIH seeks to expand the definition of 'human embryonic stem cell' - Los Angeles Times

2/19/2010      Agency Proposes U.S.-Paid Research on Stem Cells - New York Times

2/19/2010      U.S. 'tweaks' stem cell policy - Reuters

2/12/2010      Stem cell alternatives show early aging abnormalities - USA Today

2/11/2010      Still No Truce in the Stem-Cell Wars - Newsweek

2/11/2010      Cell-Off: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Fall Short of Potential Found in Embryonic Version - Scientific American