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Chairman of Advanced Cell Technology’s Ethics Advisory Board Testifies Before U.S. Senate Subcommittee

Testimony Urges Legislative and Executive Branches of the U.S. Federal Government to Consider Funding Stem Cell Lines Generated by Company's Technique that Maintains Developmental Potential of Embryo

Worcester, MA, September 6, 2006 -- Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (OTCBB:ACTC.OB) today announced that Ronald Green, Ph.D., Director of Dartmouth College's Ethics Institute and Chairman of the Advanced Cell Technology's Ethics Advisory Board testified today before the Senate Labor, Health & Human Services and Education Appropriations Subcommittee. Dr. Green's testimony focused on the benefits of In Vitro Fertilization and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, and how the method developed by Advanced Cell Technology for generating human embryonic stem cells maintains the developmental potential of the embryo. Additionally, Dr. Green discussed the important roles of both Congress and the President in potentially allowing federal funding for stem cell lines derived using Advanced Cell Technology's method, which was published online (ahead of print) on August 23 in the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

While discussing Advanced Cell Technology's method for deriving human embryonic stem cells, Dr. Green explained, "I believe that the method of stem cell derivation announced by Advanced Cell Technology researchers in their August 24 report in the journal Nature represents a real opportunity to move human embryonic stem cell research forward in this country in a way that respects the ethical sensitivities of the vast majority of our citizens. The overwhelming majority of Americans support both IVF and PGD, as these procedures help infertile couples have children and allow those who carry genetic diseases to have healthy children.”

In an effort to have Congress and the President consider funding stem cell lines generated through Advanced Cell Technology's method, Dr. Green stated, "If Congress were to approve legislation that funded research on lines generated by this new method, and if President Bush were to permit such legislation to pass into law, both the members of Congress and the President could honestly turn to the American people and say that no human embryo ever again needs to be harmed or destroyed to produce the stem cell lines we need for federally funded research.”

Commenting on the embryos used in Advanced Cell Technology's research that were not allowed to develop, Dr. Green explained, "The embryos used were donated by people who had fully consented to the research and understood, and even required, that the embryos would not be allowed to go on to further development. It is not unique that the initial research needed to develop morally acceptable methods or materials do not meet everyone's approval, but this does not impugn the methods or materials produced as a result of that research.”

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